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Labyrinth  Meditation & Mindfulness

What is a Labyrinth?

The labyrinth is one of the oldest contemplative and transformational tools known to humankind.  This walking meditation has been used for centuries for prayer, ritual, celebration, and personal and spiritual growth.  Modern use of the labyrinth includes all of the above, but is also being used as a way to clear one's mind, allowing space for intuition to become a guide to enhance making decisions, processing feelings, and celebrating life in general.

A recent resurgence of labyrinths has resulted in many new patterns being formed, but the original labyrinths are unicursal, offering only one route to the center and back again.  There are no tricks or dead-ends in a labyrinth.  With the destination assured, the labyrinth walker can honor the journey itself and what it has to teach. The mind can be quieted, turning attention to the wisdom of the heart and the graces of being, rather than doing.

Labyrinths provide the walker a sacred space to bring thoughts, challenges, ideas, or simply their spiritual essence to light.  There are many ways to utilize the labyrinth.  There is no right or wrong way. Here are a couple of different methods that you may want to try:

*As you approach the labyrinth, tune into a particular feeling, thought, idea, or challenge that they wish to meditate on.  Following the circuits of the labyrinth to the center, there are many fluid turns, winding right and left, left and right.  These movements create a natural rhythm for the body, mind, and soul, balancing the usage of the physical, mental and spiritual energy needed to pursue the center.  Once in the center, pause there, sitting or standing, releasing the thought, feeling, challenge or idea focused on during the journey to the center.  By releasing the item at the center, this frees you up to take the journey back out of the labyrinth with a sense of peace and wholeness.

*As you approach the labyrinth, you may opt to clear your mind, allowing space for ideas, thoughts, or solutions to emerge during the walk to the center.  Once in the center, give pause to the physical walk while allowing the new ideas to linger and settle in for a bit.  You can then take the new idea, thought, feeling, or solution with you as you journey back out of the labyrinth with a new spark of energy and creativity.

Labyrinths are typically found at parks, worship sites from many denominations, college campuses, and hospitals/specialty medical centers.  There are also many privately owned labyrinths which can be accessed with permission of the owner. To find a labyrinth near you or when planning your vacation to a new city, visit: and click on the Labyrinth Locator tab.